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Portal de mensajes de texto, ¿qué significa esto?

By Admin , in Tecnología , at agosto 20, 2021

Portal SMS Portal (PT SMS) is an Internet-based patient portal that allows medical staff to post patient notes and appointment details on mobile devices. The service has been designed by doctors at a reputable hospital in the UK. The system was launched in August 2021. The system integrates text messages, email, and internet applications to send short text messages containing links that provided quick access to web-based applications, where patients can post their clinical notes. before your next phone or video appointment.


The system has four components. The first component is called PATIENT PORTAL; it is a password-enabled web application that can access medical staff to schedule appointments, track appointments, change symptoms, and perform other routine tasks. The second component of the patient portal is the Customer Access Center (CAC). This is an office application that allows medical staff to schedule appointments, view appointment reminders, add or delete contacts, and perform other practice-related tasks. The third component is a mobile application, which connects the CAC to various mobile devices and sends urgent alerts to patients through text messages or mobile application.


The fourth and final component is a network server, which is responsible for managing the overall communication between the portal and the network of patients and other medical professionals accessing the service. The network server also stores all medical information from the practice in one place, making data transfer easy. The services run on a dedicated managed server, eliminating any chance of data loss or corruption.


Text message service that is sent over the network requires two factors to be met before being sent. The first factor is that the text message service must be from a reliable source. Various SMS providers are in competition and it is not possible for some to claim superior service; therefore, medical personnel should consider sending texts from trusted networks such as Google or Facebook.


The second factor is the encoded information. Encrypted or protected text messages must be sent through the PORTAL system. The server will receive a message with this encrypted information, without compromising the confidentiality of the entire system. Once the text has been received, it is decoded and converted to plain text before being sent. It is recommended to use compression techniques while sending large files, especially during emergency situations.


In emergency situations, it may be impossible to reach patients immediately due to any number of reasons. However, the text messages sent through the portal have various time frames that help the medical team manage patients and situations until help arrives. The patient can also track their records online using the portal. These records include vital signs, demographics, treatments, and lab results. This saves the hospital and medical staff time, which is often crucial in cases such as surgery or diagnosing a patients condition.


Patient information is encrypted, so this feature is also useful for keeping medical records safe from unauthorized access. The medical team can also log into the portal directly from the patient’s mobile device. This helps streamline patient care and increase productivity in hospitals and clinics. Through this portal, patients can also review their records online at any time. They don’t have to worry about logging into a secure server to access their medical data as they can do so conveniently and privately from wherever they are.


Patient communication has increased dramatically over the years, and text messaging is just one of its many benefits. This innovative service has made it easy for patients and doctors to stay in touch. It also enables physicians to better manage patients and improve their quality of care. Telemedicine is here to stay!

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