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Revisión del juego de Matemáticos Solucionario 2 Baccalaureate ANAYA

By Admin , in Juegos , at septiembre 18, 2021

The second game in the series, written by Elena Cachapono and illustrated by Carlos Domingo, is called Solucionario: a game for two. The premise behind the game is simple: two figures are on a puzzle board. They have to solve the puzzle to go to the next level and earn points.


You have two minutes to complete each level. There are five levels in total. At each level, the puzzle is progressively more difficult. You can save your game on your PC or play it online with your mobile device.


At the beginning of the first level, you choose a character. Each character has their own movements. When you click on the character image, a cartoon figure of that character appears on the screen. You have to choose the appropriate move for that character.


When you have mastered all the moves for one character, move on to the next character on the board. This time, the game gives you two different images to choose from. You have to choose these two.


In the second level, you must solve more puzzles to be eligible to get stars. These stars are earned after completing all levels in the game’s first campaign. When you get one, an additional panel is revealed on the left panel. It shows you what moves to do to jump to the next level.

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