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vestido pedroche 2020

By Admin , in Estilo de vida , at octubre 29, 2021

vestido pedroche 2020 Perhaps it could be considered as an allegory the dress of Cristina Pedroche that has appeared in these Bells that say goodbye home tragic to welcome eTelevisión.Ana Obregón will dedicate the bells to her son Álex: «I know that you will give me the strength that I do not have» Interview.Anne Igartiburu , about the bells with Ana Obregón: «I know that we will look at each other, we will feel many things»

Perhaps it could be considered as

an allegorythe dress ofCristina Pedroche placeholder imagethat has worn in these Bells that say goodbye to a tragic and homely 2020 to welcome the

expected and hopeful

year 2021. We let go of the duvet to throw ourselves into the party and the illusion -we hope it finally happens-.

One of the most anticipated moments each year around this time is knowing how Pedroche will look at the time of the New Year’s Eve chimes and the mystery has finally been revealed.

Pedro del Hierro

has been the firm chosen for this historic moment due to the coronavirus, which has presented a

original and surprising design

Transmission in

Antena 3 from Puerta del Sol

In Madrid -this year and for the first time, without an audience in the plaza- it began with the presenter wrapped in a white bedspread, an element that we have all had very close to every day in this year of confinement.

to everyone that

I have stayed responsibly

at home in this 2020 pandemic.

Creator inspiration comes from

a deconstructed quilt,

a quilted coat reminiscent of Haute Couture that evokes those

comfortable blankets,

Shawls and the same bedspreads that we have been using so much during this homely year. To make the coat
more than 100 meters of recycled silk taffeta with ecological dyes have been used pieces, weight and volume. Pedroche, wrapped in the white duvet-coat

Cristina looked

warm during the moments before the chimes, but the moment arrived. 2021 had to be received with joy, liberation, light and hope. Shortly before the clock at Puerta del Sol began to chime, Pedroche released the quilt to fill the screens with brightness and light. Hidden under the duvet was a dress weighing between 5 and 10 kilograms,with a

crystal mix

embroidered by Johan Luck Katt, famous high-seam embroiderer, who was already a regular collaborator of Pedro deHierro in the 90s. He fully works artisan who is strongly committed to the preservation of this tradition.

The micro-dress is based on the pattern of a mask.

It is held on the shoulders only with two very thin straps and is completed with two cross silk mouse that go above the shoulders and, above all, the dress falls under its own weight. In mini form, it is

a micro-dress-jewel

(Pedroche could not disappoint without showing meat), made in a single piece and embroidered with
16,308 crystal stones in a silk organza, a base lined with silk satin. A creation, for which more than 350 hours has been used to hand embroider stone by stone, and full of that light that Pedroche, Josie and Aguayo have wanted to bring to each home.

The complication was

that fits perfectly to the body without being attached.

Because there was some complication, as Pedroche herself had commented a few days ago, although without revealing details.
Aguayo explained that Cristina, who was so athletic,

i had lost weight

as she had already embroidered the dress until she put it on, then «embedding a fabric in a stone-curdled silk organza is laborious and had to be adjusted.» Mira de Pedroche is completed with high boots, based on the signing of Pedro del Hierro presented in his show and who had loved Pedroche. The boots, made especially for Cristina for this occasion, are also

Sewn and embroidered completely by hand following the design of the dress, made in satin blue to remember the color of the masks and, of course, with a mask, also made by Pedro del Hierro, with the same matching embroidery, as a tribute to 2020.

, Josie – stylist and close friend of Pedroche – and Nacho Aguayo.

“We were clear that we did not want to make a custom dress, but to do something else. Joining the brand in some way especially does not fall into a frivolous or nonsensical dress.
something like a tribute,

that it had a message and that it went beyond a simple evening dress. Hence the tribute to ‘staying home’, and raising the dress to Sewing for the many hours of hand embroidery ”, explains the creative director.

The dress that we have seen on television arose at that very moment in which surely we have all agreed to ask the new year that this end now and we can recover our lives. The normality.

Nothing new normal.

The first part of the dress paid tribute to all those months that we have been locked up at home, but it also evokes comfort, the new dress, the confinement. Josie calls it «Haute Couture Confinement.» As for the micro-jewel dress, it reflects the desire to relive great moments without complications. The result could have been different if the pandemic had not existed, but given the situation, the three agreed that a tribute had to be paid, in this year so different for everyone.


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